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SynArchive is a free web based application that allows you to browse a growing database of organic syntheses. Unlike most chemical synthesis shown on the web, the sequence of reactions is clear, precise and unambiguous.

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Synthesis of the week
Synthesis of Gymnomitrol

by Steven C. Welch in 1979
Recent syntheses
Synthesis of Mevinolin
Reported by the group of Derrick L. J. Clive in 1990 (43 steps / 5 parts). Added 7 hours ago.
Synthesis of [18]Annulene
Reported by the group of Franz Sondheimer in 1962 (3 steps / linear). Added 5 days ago.
Synthesis of Echinosporin
Reported by the group of Amos B. Smith, III in 1989 (16 steps / linear). Added 6 days ago.
Synthesis of Echinopine A
Reported by the group of Guangxin Liang in 2013 (18 steps / linear). Added 3 weeks ago.
Synthesis of Hirsutene
Reported by the group of Theodore Cohen in 1992 (9 steps / linear). Added 3 months ago.