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Chemical structure of Sumanene
Author Hidehiro Sakurai
Publication year 2003
Synthesis type Total synthesis
Number of steps 4 (linear)

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Part 1 of 1
Chemical structure
  1. KOt-Bu, n-BuLi
  2. Br(CH2)2Br
  3. Bu3SnCl
-78 °C to RT, 17 h, 74%
Chemical structure
Reagent structure
-78 °C to RT, 13 h, 16%

Also isolated was the syn:anti diastereoisomer (47 % yield).
Chemical structure
Grubbs catalyst (1st gen.), C2H4
RT, 24 h, 30%

See the Olefin Metathesis
Chemical structure
Reflux, 3 h, 70%
Chemical structure

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